What should summer camps blog about?

When camp is in session blogging every day comes more naturally than it does the rest of the year. But when camp is over it is extremely important to continue blogging regularly. Regularly meaning at least 1-3 times a week when camp is not in session. It can be hard to come up with interesting and inspiring topics, but here is a quick list of ideas: 1. Repurpose blogs from during the summer to remind everyone of the amazing time they...

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Facebook insights for your Facebook page

Almost every summer camp has a Facebook page and it is extremely important to take advantage of the insights that Facebook provides you to grow and optimize your page. I am going to quickly walk you through my page's insights so you can see what metrics are important to track. On the main page of Facebook insights there are three panels available: page likes, post reach and engagement. The most important of these three to take a deeper look at is post...

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How often should you update parents during camp and where?

During camp it is absolutely imperative for camps to keep their parents and community updated, but it can certainly become a daunting task when you have to update your internal camp software (campminder, bunk1, etc.), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the list goes on. I've posted before about how to best create content during camp, but I wanted to share a few additional tips on how much you should be updating your social entities. 1. Update twice a day, collect content...

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