Dedicated Account Manager

One dedicated point of contact to understand your unique goals

    What we propose

    A member of our team will get to know your organization's history values, goals, and voice

    Reliable point of contact for questions, reviews, consultations

    Your account manager can make recommendations, devise social media and advertising strategies unique to your company

    Optional monthly check-ins to discuss reports

    Zoom, email, and phone meetings to discuss and plan future strategies

    Dedicated Account Manager

    Each of our clients gets their own dedicated account manager who will assist you with developing your social media and advertising strategies. Our account managers are available for phone, email, and Zoom consultations to plan marketing strategies. They will also help you understand your monthly reports and how to improve based on these numbers. Whether you need help building your social media presence from the ground up or just need to tweak your digital advertising, our account managers are ready to help.

    +300 million Zoom meetings

    In April 2020, more than 300 million daily meeting participants were using Zoom

    +33% Value Brand Image

    33% of consumers think a brand’s distinct personality makes or breaks their online presence

    +50 Camps Monthly

    There are 1 billion monthly Instagram users

    +28,000 Total Instagram Followers

    Our account managers create content for nearly 30,000 campers, students, and parents on Instagram

    What our clients are saying about us

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    Increase loyalty of your campers and engagement rate, boost sales.

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