Analytics & Reporting

Analyze monthly marketing performance and do even better next month

What we propose

Track your campaigns’ success

Convert interest into clicks and signups

Make adjustments based on analytics to improve campaigns

Optional calls with your account manager to explain monthly reporting data

Reporting data on Facebook and Google ads, social media likes and followers, and Facebook insights

Data Analytics & Reporting

Get clear and measurable information about your advertising and social media efforts that informs our team on how to improve. We will send monthly reports outlining the performance of each segment of your unique strategy and offer to walk you through it in a phone call. We will measure these statistics against last month’s numbers to see why you improved or how we can do better next time. We also monitor your social media accounts on a daily basis.

Compare Performance

Facebook Insights lets you compare your performance to other pages like yours

Understand Your Audience

Instagram Insights shows you where your followers are located, what their age range is, what the gender divide is, and which times of day and days they are most active

Understand Your Reach

See how paid vs. organic posts reach more of your audience and their friends

Create More of the Right Content

Understand which posts get the most engagement from our reports

What our clients are saying about us

Start working with us

Increase loyalty of your campers and engagement rate, boost sales.

Explore Our Other Services

Dedicated Account Manager

Get one reliable point of contact for all of your digital marketing needs. Your account manager will work with you to create top-tier content and advertising to retain campers and students while encouraging new signups. 

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Google Ads

Answer someone’s question with your Google Ad! Provide potential campers, students, and parents with the service or program that they have been searching for. We’ll help you optimize your ads to get them in front of only the most relevant people.

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