Meta’s Fall ’23 Updates For Facebook & IG

Meta released a couple other updates and are experimenting with new ideas on Facebook and Instagram. We’re here to keep you in the loop!

Feature Updates

Meta Verified: a new feature that is launching soon for business accounts. It’ll cost $21.99 for a Meta Verified business account on one platform and $34.99 for verification on both Instagram and Facebook. What your monthly fee gets you: a verified badge, impersonation protection, account support, and improved discovery. 

Will this have a significant impact on how users view the legitimacy of business accounts? Or will the public  see this as another money-making tactic from a large corporation and disregard it? Only time will tell! It will also be interesting to see how Facebook promises “improved discovery” among Meta Verified accounts. 

Instagram Reels: There’s a new “following” option on IG Reels. This enables users to limit the Reels they see to only accounts they follow. While this may present some challenges in terms of attracting new users, this could also increase the likelihood of Reels being seen by your audience. 

What Meta Is Testing Out

Ad-free Experiences: Meta is considering rolling this out in Europe, in response to current European data privacy rulings. Users will have the option to pay a monthly fee to use these platforms without seeing paid ads. Whether they’re willing to pay for this remains to be seen.

Longer Reels: IGTV rebrand? Instagram is currently testing 3 and 10 minute Reels- most likely to compete with TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Users had this option in the past with the IGTV feature and could upload a video up to 60 minutes long. That went away when Reels took over. But it seems to be making a comeback due to the current social media landscape! We’ll see how the younger generation responds to longer-form video content on Instagram after growing accustomed to short-form content!

Comment Sharing: Instagram is testing the ability for accounts to share Comments from any Feed post or Reels to their Stories. This would be great for social media marketing! It gives us the opportunity to easily implement user-generated content, which has proven to be the most valuable when it comes to building trust. A comment where a camper shares how much fun they had over the summer, or a parent commenting on how camp has benefitted their child, goes a long way in building social proof.

We’ll share more social media updates as they come along- stay tuned!