Meta’s Fall ’23 Updates For Facebook & IG

Meta released a couple other updates and are experimenting with new ideas on Facebook and Instagram. We’re here to keep you in the loop! Feature Updates Meta Verified: a new feature that is launching soon for business accounts. It’ll cost $21.99 for a Meta Verified business account on one platform and $34.99 for verification on both Instagram and Facebook. What your monthly fee gets you: a verified badge, impersonation protection, account support, and improved discovery.  Will this have a significant impact on how...

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Facebook’s Organic Reach Change… What’s Really Happening?

onThe new year brought extreme changes to Facebook’s algorithm that frightened many brands and marketers on social media. According to many, Facebook’s update allegedly could result in a decline in Facebook's organic reach for posts made by brands or companies on Facebook. Don’t you overwhelm yourself, let’s be clear here: This news isn’t really new and nothing is really changing. Facebook has changed their algorithm frequently for years now and we have already seen changes similar to this before. In November...

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