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Develop your company’s voice and online persona

Convert interest into clicks and signups

Reach people of all ages and demographics

Create shareable content for interested users

Cultivate an online community based off of real-life interactions

Facebook & Instagram Posts for Camps and Schools

Behind every successful company is a strong social media presence. As people are spending more time online and scrolling through their phones, you want to make sure your company can meet them there. Camps and schools can use social media to make announcements and easily spread useful information to campers, students, and parents. But social media is more than a bulletin board – it is a virtual space where people from across the world can come together and share ideas, memories, and stories. 

+1 billion Daily Users

There are over 1 billion daily users on Facebook

+75% Use Instagram

75% of businesses used Instagram in 2020

+1 billion Monthly Users

There are 1 billion monthly Instagram users

+52% Brand Awareness

52% of online brand discovery happens in public social feeds

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