What should summer camps blog about?

When camp is in session blogging every day comes more naturally than it does the rest of the year. But when camp is over it is extremely important to continue blogging regularly. Regularly meaning at least 1-3 times a week when camp is not in session. It can be hard to come up with interesting and inspiring topics, but here is a quick list of ideas:

1. Repurpose blogs from during the summer to remind everyone of the amazing time they had at camp

2. Photos of work around camp (new activities, new bunks, new bathrooms, etc.)

3. A quick video blog of what the full time staff is doing at camp

4. Links to relevant articles about summer camp

5. Reminders of upcoming registration and early bird deadlines

6. Guest blogs from past campers

7. Guest blogs from past counselors

8. Guest blogs from other camp directors/ camp industry leaders

9. Summer camp industry news

10. Contest entries, contest news, contest photos, etc.

If you have any other blog topic ideas, post them below in the comments!