Social media planning sessions

With the summer season winding down, it is time for your camp to hold an annual social media planning session. Here is an example of an agenda for this type of meeting:

1. Complete an audit of current social media activity, tools, and analytics

2. Decide if you are going to hire a social media consultant. Does your program need help? Or are you in a good place with the current staff?

3. Brainstorm your main marketing objectives for next year

4. Set a camper growth goal and map it back to your marketing objectives

5. Create a plan for updating the next 30-60 days of your conversation calendar

6. Assign creators, assigners, and responders for all post-camp social media activity

7. Discuss conversion activity (Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, etc.) for driving camper sign-up, camper retention, and counselor recruitment

8. Define conversion analytics and confirm measurement program

9. Finish up with next-steps around social media execution

After the initial social media planning meeting, your camp should hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings to track progress in all of the areas above. Email blake (at) socialsummercamp (dot) com if you have any questions or would like me to take part in your initial planning meeting.