How to hire a social media consultant for your summer camp

Hiring a social media consultant for your summer camp can be extremely overwhelming. I get asked all sorts of questions by camps who are unsure of the process and benefits of hiring a consultant. Some common objections I hear are:

  • I already have a marketing associate on staff
  • I have a social media intern who is responsible for this
  • We already use social media
  • We don’t want to invest in social media because it does not drive our business results

These objections are so common that I have created a list of questions that I always ask back in return. If you are thinking of hiring a social media consultant for your summer camp, I highly recommend you ask yourself the following questions about your current activity. Are you:

  • Creating social media content that maps back to your business objectives? 
  • Signing up additional campers using social media?
  • Meeting your reach and engagement goals using social media?
  • Driving additional word of mouth referrals from social media?
  • Measuring and tracking our efforts on social media?
  • Seeing a return on your investment for your social media efforts?

Once you dig into the questions above, it becomes clear that most camps are not reaching their maximum potential with their current social media efforts.

Hiring a social media consultant is such a huge commitment, and I hope you’ll consider Social Summer Camp as one of your consultant choices. Email if you have any questions.