Creating social content when camp is in session

When camp is in session, you have an opportunity to amplify your messages to campers’ friends and family. Take advantage of this increased traffic to your website and social media profiles by checking out the tips below.


  1. Post more frequently – Before opening day, we recommend posting once a day to boost excitement in your community. During camp, your community is looking for updates, so you can post up to two times a day on each social account – just don’t overdo it.

  2. Focus on awareness – The majority of content posted during camp should be about general awareness for your camp, value proposition, and everyday activity. This is the perfect time to brand yourself as a great camp for all types of kids and families.

  3. Include content beyond day to day operations – It can be easy to get caught up in day to day operations at camp. Don’t forget to post content that meets your other objectives (thought-leadership, education, psychology, etc.) while your followers are checking your content frequently.

  4. Don’t lose sight of your marketing objectives – During camp, it’s important to make sure all content maps back to your marketing objectives. Don’t post anything that you can’t tie back directly to a goal your camp is trying to achieve.

  5. Be timely – Parents monitor social media heavily while their campers are away. Post content that gives parents and family a glimpse into life at camp. Parents love seeing posts about activities, special events, and daily surprises that their camper gets to be a part of.

  6. Assign creators, posters, and responders – Assign responsibilities to each of your staff members before camp begins. Make sure you have assignments for content creators, content posters and content responders. With increased activity, you can expect to spend more time than usual responding to content.

Overall, summertime is the best time to reach your followers with a strategic message because attention is at its highest. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the most of increased engagement on your website and social media profiles.