More Social Media Content Does Not Equal Better

Anyone who has ever been a client of Social Summer Camp knows that we recommend posting daily on social media during the summer. We recommend daily posting because of 1) increased attention on our social media pages and 2) the quality of content available during the summer. However, I’ve noticed a trend recently where camps are posting 3, 4 or sometimes even up to 5 times a day during the summer. The bad news for these camps though is that more social media content daily does not always equal better.

Let me explain:

Facebook and Instagram’s Reach Systems: Reach (how many people see your post) is a tricky metric on Facebook and Instagram, but there is one thing we know for sure: when you post content shortly after another piece of content your original piece does not get as much reach as it would have otherwise. The more new content you post, the less reach your older content will get. We want each individual piece of content to have at least 3-4 of “air time” to reach as many people as possible on FB and IG. By posting multiple times a day you are “wasting” your early content by ensuring that it doesn’t get seen by very many people.

Quality Content:

With so much attention on your program during the summer, it is important to focus on putting out high-quality content. This means picking content that maps back to your marketing objectives and showcases how great your program really is during the summer. If you are posting five times a day, there is no way that you are only showcasing quality content.

Storing Content:

Even though summer is your best marketing time of the year, we don’t want to waste all of our best content during your busiest 3 months. Your camp should be storing content for Fall, Winter and next Spring. If you have 4 great pieces of content a day being created, your camp should be sharing two and saving two.

Over-Frequency of Audiences:

It’s impossible for parents to get sick of your summer content, but it is possible for prospective families, alumni and other audiences to get sick of it. Don’t over-frequency your audiences by posting multiple times a day. I see a ton of camp programs who get a large number of unlikes and unfollows during the summer because of over-posting.

The best strategy your camp can have during the summer is to highlight quality content 1-2 times a day on all platforms.