Capturing Summer Camp Customers Post-Tour

Capturing Summer Camp Customers Post-TourSummer camp tours are winding down and camp families are starting to make their final decisions about camp for next summer. While some families want to make a decision quickly post-tour, it is very common for some families to wait until closer to the early bird deadline to make a final decision. So what can you do to help turn these touring families into customers?

Show them great content- I’m always shocked at how camps don’t specifically advertise to families who have just toured. Upload a list of touring families into Facebook using custom audiences and target an ad toward them. The goal is to show these potential customers 2-3 pieces of GREAT content in their FB and Instagram feeds. I recommend showing a video, blog post and one photo post from the time they tour until early bird is complete. You want to remain top of mind to these customers post-tour in a very relevant way.

Send them great emails- Families who have toured your camp are SO close to signing up. These hot leads should be treated extremely well. Sending them great emails with useful and interesting content is a great way to engage them. Don’t just email them a reminder to sign up. Send them a video related to their camper’s interests or grab a couple of photos of their favorite activity and showcase the development found in one summer. Creating custom email content for these leads is a sure fire way to convert them more quickly. We typically recommend Mailchimp, and have also seen camps be successful using Constant Contact.

Every camp is different and there’s no better time to showcase your uniquenesses than through custom content for customers who have toured.