How To Use Threads For Social Media Marketing

Threads, the new social media platform from Meta, took the world by storm over the summer. This app offers a similar experience to X (formerly known as Twitter) which allows users to create posts and engage in text-based conversation. Posts extend beyond text alone; users can also share images, videos, and links. Will Threads be the next X? With more than 100 million people signing up for the app since its launch in July, it has potential! However, since we’re still...

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Copyright Infringement image

How to Stay Away From Copyright Infringement

It may be engaging and fun to add the newest, hottest song to a video to welcome back campers; however, it is likely that the video will be flagged for copyright infringement and you will face some consequences. Copyright infringement is the act of violating any of a copyright owner’s exclusive rights granted by the federal Copyright Act. Copyright was created to protect the work of artists and creatives so that they can have legal recourse when someone uses their...

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Privacy Updates, Data Sharing and How Advertisers Can Adapt – Part 2

Advertising techniques and strategies have evolved since the foundation of modern advertising in the 1920s. As televisions and computers became accessible to almost every American, advertisers capitalized on the technology to reach large numbers of targeted audiences. Now, tools used for targeting online audiences may be disappearing and advertisers and businesses need to adapt. For small businesses like most summer camps, this comes as a hard hit. Facebook and Google Ads are affordable and effective ways to target a few potential...

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Understanding Firefox’s Newest Privacy Update – Part 1

Nearly everyone is concerned about online privacy and protecting their personal information in cyberspace. The Pew Research Center found that 93% of adults say that being in control of who can get information about them is important. These concerns are becoming more prominent and even tech giants like Facebook, Google and Apple are responding. On June 4, Mozilla Firefox rolled out perhaps the most aggressive privacy measure to date, which includes enhanced tracking protection by default for all new users...

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Predicting Social Media Trends for 2018

In the past year, we saw a number of trends throughout several social platforms that have us wondering what’s to come in 2018! From the rise of Instagram “Stories” and the expansion of live streaming on Facebook to the increase in character limit on Twitter, social media platforms have marketers on edge, trying to adapt and stay on top of their online game. As 2018 begins, we hope to see new features that are beneficial and easy to use, both for...

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Twitter Introduces Remarketing

Interested in creating #winning ad campaigns on Twitter? The company has developed a new website tag that creates campaign audiences by identifying Twitter users that have recently visited your camp's website. You can retrieve your tag at in the conversion tracking tab. Add it to the page of your website that get the most visitors, like your homepage. If you are already using a Twitter website tag to track conversions, you can simply change the settings to have it monitor...

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