Predicting Social Media Trends for 2018

Social Media Predictions for 2018

In the past year, we saw a number of trends throughout several social platforms that have us wondering what’s to come in 2018! From the rise of Instagram “Stories” and the expansion of live streaming on Facebook to the increase in character limit on Twitter, social media platforms have marketers on edge, trying to adapt and stay on top of their online game.

As 2018 begins, we hope to see new features that are beneficial and easy to use, both for advertisers and consumers. Here are the Top 6 Social Media Trends we’re predicting to see a lot more of in 2018:

  1. Instagram Stories and Highlights:

    With Instagram’s newest feature up and running, we predict that brands will be using the tool to their advantage. We also predict to see brands and organizations use Stories and Highlights to showcase their services, products, or work. Learn more about Instagram Stories and Highlights here.

  2. “Swipe Up” Features on Snapchat and Instagram:

    Instagram and SnapChat have been battling it out trying to find what features users like best on their platforms. One feature in particular that both have adopted is adding links to their stories to increase traffic and drive sales. With the new Stories “Swipe Up” feature, we also assume these brands will be driving their audience to their website!

  3. Instagram Boosting Promotion Posts:

    Instagram is a social media platform that marketers should be on the lookout for in 2018. With the algorithm changing and posts being boosted, we predict we’ll see a higher volume of promoted posts existing on Instagram’s timeline. Although organic reach won’t go away, brands might have a harder time reaching their desired audience if they aren’t already getting lots of engagement. Marketers should make 2018 the year they get familiar with advertising on Instagram in order to stay relevant!

  4. Increase in Live Streaming:

    Now that most popular social platforms have live stream features, we predict we will be seeing a lot more of it! Whether you’re wanting to promote a new product or service, you can use live streaming to engage with your followers in real time. With technology improving and marketing changing, will you use this tool as part of your advertising strategy?

  5. Increase in Video Advertising:

    Social media is saturated with so much content that it makes it difficult for brands to deliver effective messages that don’t get lost in the midst of it all. We’re predicting that consumers will scroll past your post if you don’t have a visual attached to it. In 2018, we also predict that it isn’t just any kind of visual! With the rise of 360-videos and AR/VR videos, marketers will have to be unique when executing video on social media in order to gain impressions and engagement.

  6. Shift in Engagement on Facebook:

    After 2017, Facebook users are worn out from clickbait, fake websites and brands begging for shares, likes or comments. Facebook recently announced their change in algorithm to make the content people engage with more meaningful. We predict that there will be a shift in content, which will hopefully result in higher quality posts. The best practice to use in posts would be to engage with your audience like a human being, not a brand. Use creativity and personality to deliver quality content to your audience.

We hope our predictions shape your 2018 marketing strategy and help you stay ahead of the game! What trends do you expect to see more of in 2018?