Staying Relevant on Facebook After Big Changes

As we see Facebook making big changes to their algorithm these next few months, we are looking for new ways to make content interesting and relevant to the audience for success on the platform. Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed at Facebook, describes that Facebook will be focusing on content with “meaningful interactions”. This means that marketers should be able to adapt to changes and create content that will encourage engagement and conversation. Here are some tips to consider when creating content:

  • Get Organized and Collect Content: Begin collecting short videos to share on social media channels throughout the summer and year. Not all content has to include campers to make it good. Record extra content straight from camp leaders either at home, in office or on camp tours this summer (featuring no campers during tours).

  • Get Comfortable With Video: It’s been proven that the content that has remained relevant (by relevant, we mean gets impressions, engagement and more shares) is video. Whether you’re going live or filming content for later, be sure to be short and concise. If there is no point to the video, the audience will most likely not be engaged with other content you put out.

  • Go Live On Facebook For Real-Time Engagement: Implement FB Live Videos during summer sessions for more engagement/interaction with audience. Going live can create a deeper connection with your audience. Asking questions or encouraging engagement when going live can create an ongoing conversation between you and your followers.

      • Q&A: Answer frequently asked questions
      • B-T-S: Give a behind-the-scenes live stream over:
        • A day in the office (not during camp season)
        • Updates on any news involving camp (new cabins, new t-shirts)
        • Opening Day
  • Build Relationships: The biggest obstacle marketers have is building relationships with their audience, instead of just selling a product or service to their audience. Maintaining relationships are key to getting people interested and engaged. Having a loyal following with an audience you’ve created a steady relationship with will help get your message across. Reach out to your community, past clients or friends and encourage sharing, commenting and collaboration with your content.

  • Ads, Ads and More Ads: If you’re afraid of spending money on Facebook, that needs to change. With the changes rolling out on Facebook, organic page reach is certainly going to decline, and if you’re not spending at least some money to promote your content, you’ll be posting messages that will essentially not be seen or shared. Start with a small budget and increase when or where you see opportunity.