Staying Relevant on Facebook After Big Changes

As we see Facebook making big changes to their algorithm these next few months, we are looking for new ways to make content interesting and relevant to the audience for success on the platform. Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed at Facebook, describes that Facebook will be focusing on content with “meaningful interactions”. This means that marketers should be able to adapt to changes and create content that will encourage engagement and conversation. Here are some tips to consider when...

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How to Keep Your Content Feeling Fresh Each Social Media Platform

Written by Social Summer Camp intern, Breanna Salinas. In the world of marketing, social media is comprised of huge platforms that many businesses use to promote their services or products. Successful accounts are able to deliver content that makes their followers engaged. Your social media relevancy relies heavily on your content. The most challenging obstacle for planning a social media strategy is making content appropriate for its platform. It can be difficult to make sure your content is both engaging and effective....

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