5 Ways To Use Instagram Stories Highlight Feature for Your Camp

Written by Social Summer Camp intern, Breanna Salinas.

How to Utilize Instagram Stories Highlights for Your Camp

Instagram’s newest update is here and it’s more innovative than ever! Last month Instagram released its newest features: Instagram Stories Highlights and Stories Archive. The update lets users post Stories that don’t expire and archive them so the content is not lost forever.

Instagram Stories Highlights, or your permanent stories, will exist in a new section directly under your bio and right above your existing Instagram posts. Stories Archive is a private feature that will save past stories in a library that only the user can access. To get started with Stories Highlights, you can create new story or choose an archived story that you want to include in your Highlight. You’ll then select a cover for the Highlight and name it. You can create several Highlight Stories, instead of adding multiple stories to one Highlight. The Highlight will appear on your profile for other users to view and engage with.

Instagram Stories

Highlights can be used to showcase some of your favorite stories by category. Now what does this mean for your camp and the way you engage with your audience? Utilizing these tools can help camps reach more potential campers and raise followers’ interest in camp.

5 Ways To Use the Highlight Feature for Your Camp:

Using the Highlight Feature is a great way to add personality and value to your profile. It can showcase the best qualities of your camp easily and creatively! Creating multiple highlights makes it easy to break down your camp’s qualities into categories.

  • Tour of Your Camp: Not everyone who finds interest in your camp can make it to a visiting day – so instead, bring the camp to them! Create a highlight that gives the online world a tour of your camp and highlight the best your camp has to offer. Throw in clips of the cabins where campers stay at, the waterfronts where campers swim in and the fields where campers play at!
  • Opening Day: The first day of camp could bring nerves to first-time campers or could bring the greatest memories to long-time campers. Create a highlight that shows how your camp welcomes their campers on Opening Day to make newcomers more comfortable and returning campers more excited!
  • Color War Break: Nothing hypes a camper more than a Color War! Create a highlight that illustrates the energy campers bring to Color War and shows why campers come back year after year for more!
  • A Day At Camp: Whether you’re a new camper, returning camper or parent of a camper, everyone wants to what a day at camp looks like. Create a highlight that shows what a camper experiences during a regular day at camp.
  • Camp Traditions: Camp traditions connect new campers, returning campers and campers from past generations together for a lifetime. Create a highlight that showcases what unique traditions your camp offers.


Utilize the feature to your advantage by highlighting what makes your camp unique… this will be beneficial to your online growth and presence! Will you be using Instagram Stories Highlights to showcase your camp?