Twitter Introduces Remarketing

Interested in creating #winning ad campaigns on Twitter? The company has developed a new website tag that creates campaign audiences by identifying Twitter users that have recently visited your camp’s website.

You can retrieve your tag at in the conversion tracking tab. Add it to the page of your website that get the most visitors, like your homepage. If you are already using a Twitter website tag to track conversions, you can simply change the settings to have it monitor visitor data as well.

Once you have added the tag, it will track the visitors to your website and match them to their Twitter accounts. When you create your next Twitter ad campaign, you can then select “tailored audiences” as your primary method of targeting with “website visitors” as your audience source.

This new website tag is a great way to focus your ads on the people who have shown the most recent interest in your camp.

Reach out to if you want to test this new feature on Twitter!


This blog post was written by Social Summer Camp intern, Stephanie Gonzalez.