Facebook Advertising Updates

Facebook just announced new changes to its ad strategies that will make ad relevance on the site better than ever before.

In the coming weeks, the company will start using information from the websites and apps you browse to determine ads that may interest you. So, for example, if a mom has recently researched summer camps online, Facebook will consider that one of her interests and will start showing her more ads about summer camps.

Facebook is also adding new ad preferences that let users manage which ads and interests they want to see. Ad preferences can be accessed from every ad, giving users the ultimate control over their ad experiences.

Camps running Facebook ads will benefit from these updates with the improved likelihood that the users viewing their ads are people who are already interested in or have looked into attending a camp.

Advertising for camps on Facebook just keeps getting better and better and we couldn’t be more excited!


This blog post was written by Social Summer Camp intern, Stephanie Gonzalez.