Facebook Repeals its Text in Ads Restrictions

This month, Facebook officially removed its 20% text rule in advertising. If you’ve ever wanted to promote a graphic with details and information, this is pretty big news. For years, Facebook penalized advertisers for publishing ads that consisted of more than 20% text, meaning an ad image could not be more than 1/5th text. If text took up more than 20% of the ad image, Facebook would not allow it to run. But now, that rule is dead. What does...

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‘Canvas’ Ads: A New Way to Tell Your Story on Facebook

This past week Facebook officially opened its newest mobile advertising option, Canvas, to all types of businesses. With the ability to add a variety of multimedia features, Canvas will be the most interactive ad option Facebook has released yet. Perhaps the most exciting feature of the new platform is that advertisers can give users a truly interactive mobile experience without directing them to another website. Similar to Lead ads, all user interactions happen on Facebook’s platform. Advertisers won’t have to...

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Facebook Advertising Updates

Facebook just announced new changes to its ad strategies that will make ad relevance on the site better than ever before. In the coming weeks, the company will start using information from the websites and apps you browse to determine ads that may interest you. So, for example, if a mom has recently researched summer camps online, Facebook will consider that one of her interests and will start showing her more ads about summer camps. Facebook is also adding new ad preferences...

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