‘Canvas’ Ads: A New Way to Tell Your Story on Facebook

This past week Facebook officially opened its newest mobile advertising option, Canvas, to all types of businesses. With the ability to add a variety of multimedia features, Canvas will be the most interactive ad option Facebook has released yet.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the new platform is that advertisers can give users a truly interactive mobile experience without directing them to another website. Similar to Lead ads, all user interactions happen on Facebook’s platform. Advertisers won’t have to worry about losing users to long page loads because advertisements will open seamlessly on Facebook’s app.

The new platform grew out of Facebook’s Carousel ads which allow businesses to show multiple images in one post. According to Facebook, the interactive features of Carousel led to better performing ads. This inspired the creation of an even more interactive mobile experience. Thus, Canvas was born.

So what does this new ad feature mean for your summer camp?

  1. You have way more mobile options
    When it comes to online advertising, mobile is the new desktop. Not only do advertisers have more ways to reach users on mobile, but Canvas now incorporates more multimedia features on mobile than ever before. You are no longer limited to one visual feature. Users can scroll through your camp’s mission statement then watch your video or scroll through photos from last summer. 

    You have the freedom to create ads that fit every campaign objective whether it’s with boosted posts, Carousel, Lead forms or Canvas. And, of course, who doesn’t love having more options? 

  2. You can create stunning visual ads
    Whether you want to spread awareness about your camp, recruit more campers or connect with alumni, Canvas gives you an array of creative options to achieve your goal. Canvas ads are your chance to show off what makes your camp unique! Show stunning aerial shots of your camp, videos of your mission or amazing memories from last summer.
  3. You can reach more campers
    The biggest thing that makes Canvas an exciting feature is that all interactions occur in Facebook’s app. Believe it or not, just a few too many seconds of load time can deter a lot of people from visiting your camp’s website on their smart phone. So if you know your website isn’t well optimized for mobile, this is a great way to still reach people and tell your story. Even if your mobile site in in tip-top shape, Canvas is an exciting new feature every camp should try!

You can learn more about the new ad feature on Facebook.