How To Use Threads For Social Media Marketing

Threads, the new social media platform from Meta, took the world by storm over the summer. This app offers a similar experience to X (formerly known as Twitter) which allows users to create posts and engage in text-based conversation. Posts extend beyond text alone; users can also share images, videos, and links. Will Threads be the next X? With more than 100 million people signing up for the app since its launch in July, it has potential! However, since we’re still...

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‘Canvas’ Ads: A New Way to Tell Your Story on Facebook

This past week Facebook officially opened its newest mobile advertising option, Canvas, to all types of businesses. With the ability to add a variety of multimedia features, Canvas will be the most interactive ad option Facebook has released yet. Perhaps the most exciting feature of the new platform is that advertisers can give users a truly interactive mobile experience without directing them to another website. Similar to Lead ads, all user interactions happen on Facebook’s platform. Advertisers won’t have to...

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