Promoted Tweets on Twitter for Summer Camps

A lot of camps have recently been asking me about Promoted Tweets on Twitter. These are essentially just Twitter ads that are promoted to reach a specific target audience. Twitter recently analyzed 200,000 promoted tweets and shared some best practices with the public that I am now sharing with you. 1. Be brief: "Stay under 100 characters per tweet, which Twitter says gets 18% more engagement. For an even more effective campaign, Twitter suggests aiming for three to six Promoted Tweets...

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Twitter Introduces Remarketing

Interested in creating #winning ad campaigns on Twitter? The company has developed a new website tag that creates campaign audiences by identifying Twitter users that have recently visited your camp's website. You can retrieve your tag at in the conversion tracking tab. Add it to the page of your website that get the most visitors, like your homepage. If you are already using a Twitter website tag to track conversions, you can simply change the settings to have it monitor...

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What should summer camps tweet?

A few months ago Twitter came out with a great study on the top-performing tweets from the past year. They analyzed over 20,000 promoted tweets to understand what drove the most action among their advertisers. Summer camps can take some cues about what to tweet from their analysis. Here are the four calls to action they found performed the best: #1 Ask for a download: If your camp has a mobile app, this is a great call to action for your tweets....

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