What should summer camps tweet?

A few months ago Twitter came out with a great study on the top-performing tweets from the past year. They analyzed over 20,000 promoted tweets to understand what drove the most action among their advertisers. Summer camps can take some cues about what to tweet from their analysis. Here are the four calls to action they found performed the best:

#1 Ask for a download:

If your camp has a mobile app, this is a great call to action for your tweets. Asking your followers to download your app is an easy way to increase downloads and gain further attention from your target audience.

#2 Ask for a retweet:

This seems like an obvious one, but if you have an important news article, blog, or camp update, ask your followers to retweet your post to reach more people. Use the call to action “Pls RT” at the beginning of end of your post.

#3 Ask for a follow:

This is probably the least effective call to action for summer camps, unless you are promoting a tweet. If you are interested in advertising on Twitter, promote a tweet to people in your city asking them to follow your camp.

#4 Ask for a reply:

This is a great call to action for summer camps to use on almost any post. Ask your followers to reply to you with their favorite memory, activity, summer, counselor, etc. This call to action works perfectly for driving engagement.

Read more about how to keep your Twitter content fresh in our blog post here.

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