Promoted Tweets on Twitter for Summer Camps

A lot of camps have recently been asking me about Promoted Tweets on Twitter. These are essentially just Twitter ads that are promoted to reach a specific target audience. Twitter recently analyzed 200,000 promoted tweets and shared some best practices with the public that I am now sharing with you.

1. Be brief: “Stay under 100 characters per tweet, which Twitter says gets 18% more engagement. For an even more effective campaign, Twitter suggests aiming for three to six Promoted Tweets for a 17% boost in engagement.”

2. Use Twitter’s lead generation card: “Compared with plain-text call-to-actions with a simple URL, businesses that use Lead Generation Cards can deliver a 42% increase in engagement.”

3. Include photos and videos: “Photos and videos can make all the difference. A really big difference — Twitter’s study shows that Promoted Tweets with rich media have 313 percent more engagement and 52 percent more retweets than those without.”

Have you been using these tips on your promoted tweet campaigns? Over at Social Summer Camp, we have been!