Video on Facebook: Surpassing YouTube For The First Time

Just less that year after Facebook began testing auto-playing video, they are finally winning in the race against their longtime competitor Google (YouTube), in the amount of desktop video views for the first time, recorded in the month of August.

“In the month of August, on desktop viewing, they delivered about a billion more views than YouTube – which is pretty amazing,” co-founder and chairman emeritus Gian Fulgoni reveals to Beet.TV in this video interview.

Although, Facebook is still trailing behind You Tube in the amount of total video views across multiple devices, the desktop video views number is a huge win for the social media network, after announcing that video was going to play a larger component in content and advertising strategies across the platform earlier in 2014.

While the auto-play feature plays a large part in the increased number of video views and reach on Facebook, it’s key that advertisers continue to share the most engaging and interesting videos and content, to keep users engaged and encourage viewers to complete the video, instead of pause or skip over the video.

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