Facebook Mobile Ad Network for Summer Camps

For summer camps that are interested in expanding their reach on mobile, the launch of the Facebook Mobile Ad Network could be a huge deal for you all.

According to Mashable: “Audience Network, which was first announced in April, allows businesses to use Facebook’s ad targeting tools to better serve ads on mobile applications not named Facebook. In one example offered by the social network, Shazam used Audience Network to sell native ads in its own app, including an ad for Uniqlo.”

You can see in the image above provided by Facebook, the different ad placements on mobile that will be available. Even though this isn’t an obvious marketing tactic for summer camps, here are a few reasons why it could work well:

1. Facebook targeting data is very strong:

We can benefit from Facebook’s targeting data to make sure we are reaching our target audiences.

2. Targeting our customers where they already are:

We always want to reach our customers where they already are. If they are spending time in an app, such as Shazam or Gilt, we want to be able to get a message across to them when they are already engaged.

3. Opportunity to get our message inside of young adult focused apps:

Young adults are getting harder and harder to reach, but they certainly spend time on many different mobile apps. Being able to reach them this way is extremely valuable.

Are you going to try Facebook’s audience network for your summer camp?