What are brands doing on Instagram?

Instagram is a social media tool rapidly taking the world by storm. According to Instagram there are 150 million active monthly members with an average of 55 million posts per day. With this many users, it is no surprise that brands use this social media tool as a way to reach customers and potential customers.

Many current brands are expanding from traditional media outlets and joining Instagram. Brands from Converse to Starbucks to Nike and even the NFL are joining Instagram to show fans and customers their products in a way different from traditional advertising. The NFL’s Instagram is like an ever-changing Wheaties box, with different players and highlights featured. Converse shows musicians sporting their shoes in different environments.  Starbucks keeps their Instagram up to date with holidays and trends.

Camps can look at what these successful brands’ Instagrams are using and use them as a tool to promote the camp’s own Instagram. Many camper-aged children are on Instagram, so it’s a great way to reach campers throughout the year.

This post was written by Social Summer Camp intern, Jackie Glazer. Please send any questions to