Buzzfeed for Camps

While I certainly don’t think camps should make it a huge part of their marketing strategy, there is something interesting to be said for camps using Buzzfeed. In fact one of my favorite Buzzfeed articles this year was about summer camps. If your camp is looking for a great way to engage campers, consider making a list on Buzzfeed. Example lists could be:

1. 21 ways you know you went to Camp Name

2. 10 things only campers know

3. 15 throwbacks from Camp Name

4. You may be a Camp Name camper if…

5. 18 signs that you belong at Camp Name

These are just a couple of fun ideas for creating a really awesome Buzzfeed article about your camp. As always, let me know if you have any questions and feel free to send me any awesome Buzzfeed articles about camp!