New ideas for camps using Twitter

When I spoke at CampMinder Camp a few weeks ago, I was on a panel discussing Twitter. Prior to the panel I brainstormed a few ways that camps can use Twitter and I wanted to share them below.

How camps can use twitter:

–       Promotion (sign up more campers with conversion tracking)

–       Real-time information sharing (specifically during camp)

–       Cross promotion with partners and other brands

–       Connect with mommy bloggers

–       Reach new target populations (22% of online African American users are Twitter users, compared with 16% of online whites- Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is 55–64 year-olds)

–       Reach more people on mobile, which is the most engaging device that is always with you

–       Take advantage of trending topics

These are just a few quick ideas. Feel free to share any additional ideas in the comments below!