Using New Camp Photos

It’s amazing how many new photos camps have collected this summer! From special events, activities, smiling faces and more…it’s time to start using your new photos.

First things first, take a look at the photos from this past summer and create a folder with the best 50-100 photos. Now that you have your best photos, here is where you should start using them.

1. On your website- Start updating photos on your website with new photos from the current summer. You don’t need to replace all current photos, but do try and include the most updated photos you can for each website section.

2. In your content- Start using your new photos as posts on Facebook and Instagram. Also use your new photos in your upcoming blog posts.

3. On your social media platforms- Make sure you change our your cover photos on Facebook + Twitter with new photos from the summer. Hopefully your camp got a great group photo for your cover photo.

It’s time to put your new photos to good use!