Social Media for Your Industry

I know about 99.9% of my readers are from the Summer Camp industry, but I love figuring out how social media can be used for all industries! I was approached by the father of one of my amazing clients to write a blog post for his Photography blog. If you are looking for social media tips for photography (or any industry), this blog is definitely the place to go.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Recently articles have been swirling around about the end of organic reach on Facebook. You may have seen this article in Forbes, where data shows that only 6% of your fan base sees content from your Facebook page. This number is even smaller for large pages with over 500,000 likes (around 2%)!

From the article: “And the unofficial advice from Facebook sources to community managers noted in the report? Expect it to approach zero in the foreseeable future.” ZERO. This leaves all of us in a very, very tough spot. If we won’t be able to reach our own Facebook fans, how will we get the message out about our photography services? In order to figure this out, I have been asking myself a bunch of hard questions to understand how I should move forward with Facebook for my business.

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