Creating A Blog For Your Summer Camp

Creating and maintaining a blog for your summer camp is an awesome way to get traffic to your site and increase the overall brand awareness of your camp! If you don’t already have a blog for your summer camp, below are some tips to get you started:
Blog Content & Posting Tips:
  • Know your audience and ensure that your content is relevant and aligned with their interests
  • Post at least weekly or twice a week, if possible
  • Keep posts brief and use photos that align with the post content
  • Ask readers to share their story or give feedback in comments below your post
  • Every so often, recruit a guest blogger that is accredited in their industry to bring a sense of expertise to your blog

Blog Topic Ideas:
Need some ideas on blog topics? See below for a list of examples to get you started:

  • Introductions for staff members
  • Key events during the off-season
  • Culture of your camp
  • Preparing for camp
  • Review of special events or conference
  • Reviews of popular camp related articles
  • Special announcements: summer theme, new staff members, alumni updates, etc.

Happy blogging and stay tuned for a post next week for tips on how to promote your blog using social media!

This blog post was written by Social Summer Camp Contributor, Alyssa Allen