Scheduling social media efforts

Sometimes having a great social media content strategy means that your camp spends a lot of time and effort posting content every day. Here are some things I try to remember when creating and scheduling your social media efforts to reduce the amount of time spent on content creation and execution:

1. Write at least 30 days of content ahead of time

This is the biggest key to having an organized social content strategy. This DOES NOT mean that you can never post random, fun or breaking news type content. What this means is that you understand the main messages you want to get across and you have at least 30 pieces of content that are ready to go and map back to those messages. This means that most days you will wake up and know what content is going live. This gives your camp more time to focus on other activities.

2. Not every piece of content should be posted on each tool

You do not need to post every piece of content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Youtube, etc. As you are writing each piece of content think about what tools would be best to reach your target audiences. Figuring out ahead of time which social tools you want to use will make the process of posting go much faster.

3. Schedule what you can and calendar what you can’t

Schedule your posts ahead of time using a program like Hoot Suite or Hubspot. If you are using a tool that you can’t schedule, like Instagram, use your content calendar as your main point of execution for posting it. This means that on days when you have an Instagram post to go live it should only take a few minutes to execute.

If you use these tips you should be able to save yourself some time by creating and scheduling your posts ahead of time.