Pinterest Introduces Topics

Last week Pinterest announced an exciting new feature that could really boost the impact of your camp’s pins.

Starting last Thursday users can now subscribe to topics and specific interests on the site to add pins from those topics into their feeds. There will be a wide variety of topics to follow, from camping and hiking, to bubbles and dinosaurs. Clicking on a topic will also bring a list of other relevant topics that might interest that user. So a Pinterest user who follows hiking might see suggestions like canoeing, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

This new feature now makes it easier for your content to reach your target audiences without them having to follow you. Many summer camps already meet a variety of interests like outdoor adventure, arts and crafts, and sports. Keep these topics in mind when creating your boards and pins and soon you will be connecting with Pinterest users who will be highly interested in what your camp has to offer.

This post was written by Social Summer Camp intern, Stephanie Gonzalez.