Fall Planning: Social Media for Summer Camps

It’s hard to believe we are over half way through the summer! Some camps in the South and Southwest are already wrapping up their sessions. Camps up North are finishing up their Visiting Days and settling in for another month of Camp. Even though during camp can be very hectic, you should try and set aside some time for Fall Planning. This is what I recommend so that it isn’t too overwhelming.

1. Spend 1 hour writing 30 days of content for after camp starts. This will allow you some time for planning but will ensure that your social media platforms remain active during the critical moments after camp.

2. Begin thinking of your 2014-2015 social media and marketing goals.

3. Set aside time after camp for a 1 hour social media planning session. Use this time to develop goals and an outline for next steps.

4. Take a few minutes to debrief about the summer. Did you accomplish your social media goals? What could you have done differently? What went well?

Don’t forget to plan for the Fall! This can be one of your largest times for re-enrollment!