Facebook Tests Related Videos

Facebook is testing a new “related videos” feature that surfaces similar videos after you finish watching one in your mobile News Feed, similar to You Tube recommended videos. This is a new feature that’s currently being tested on mobile to help users discover more videos they may be interested in, noted in a recent article published by Mashable.

In June, Facebook announced that users who regularly watch videos on the platform will see even more videos in their News Feed, and even made tweaks to the news feed algorithm in order to show more higher quality videos to users. Facebook wants to know which videos its users find engaging and how to show them more of the type of videos they are interested in.

What this means for summer camps: The recommended videos test, seems to be paving the way for sponsored video content and could be used as an additional advertising tactic to drive awareness for your camp in the future.  

Look for these new video suggestions in your mobile news feed and we will be on the lookout for a sponsored video advertising unit to use for your camp in the future!