Make your Facebook posts engaging: Content

This is the last post in a series of posts around how to make your Facebook posts more engaging. I have already covered imagery and post type, but today I want to focus more on content. I specifically want to cover the following three questions:

What should your posts say?

What links should you drive to?

Which videos/photos should you promote?

It can be tempting to post anything and everything to your summer camp’s Facebook page. But you should definitely be selective and only post content that will be engaging for your fans.

What should your posts say? Keep your posts short! Shorter content drives more engagement than longer posts. Only use a long post if there are certain details you must share with your community that couldn’t be shared more easily through a blog post. Always use a call to action asking your fans to visit your website, like your post, share your photo, or comment with a favorite camp memory.

What links should you drive to? If you are regularly blogging on your website, you should definitely link to the most interesting posts from your Facebook page. You should also post links to relevant content that parents may be interested in, such as industry or camp news. Try to reduce the number of links you post that lead directly to sections of your website. These aren’t nearly as interesting as blog posts.

Which videos/photos should you promote? We already know that photos make for some of the most engaging posts on Facebook. But which photos should you actively promote? Stick with photos that 1) actively show the camp experience, 2) remind campers of the amazing summer they had, or 3) show a side of camp that is different than campers usually see. Use these same tops when posting a video.

Email me blake (at) socialsummercamp (dot) com if you have any questions about creating engaging content for Facebook.