Instagram Stories for Marketing Your Business

Written by Social Summer Camp intern, Breanna Salinas.

If you aren’t already using Instagram Stories in your marketing plan, what are you waiting for? Instagram Stories is one of Instagram’s newest features to the platform, allowing for creative engagement in real time.

Identical to Snapchat, Instagram Stories is a new breed of content that allows users to capture photos, videos, boomerangs and even existing photos in your camera roll to appear for a span of 24 hours. With features like doodling and filters, Instagram Stories is a fun way to capture an audience’s interest or attention. Traditional Instagram posts encourage users to put their best selves out there because published posts live on their Instagram page. On the other hand, Instagram Stories allow users to creatively send messages to their audience in an engaging way without the pressure of creating one “perfect” post.

How could it be helpful for your business, you ask? Instagram Stories can be a great tool for marketing your business or brand because your audience is most likely to engage with the content. Instagram Stories are placed at the very top of Instagram’s newsfeed, so your audience won’t have to scroll miles down their newsfeed before they finally see your content!

Incorporating Instagram Stories to help market your business can be beneficial, but it’s important that you build the right marketing strategy for the platform in order to enhance your brand. Posting a story at an optimal time is key to reaching your audience and increasing engagement. Find what time your audience is most active on Instagram – this can depend on your target audience’s demographic or location. The kind of content you are posting on Instagram Stories should also be an important part of your marketing strategy. Treat Instagram Stories as a channel that can communicate directly with consumers in real time. Here are three examples of content you should be posting on Instagram Stories:

Update Your Audience:

Whether you are a business that offers a service or sells a product, keep your audience in the loop! Your audience can engage with your business by delivering special offers or discounts in real time. Are you having a Cyber Monday deal? Post your coupon codes on Instagram Stories and direct your audience to your website. This can help you increase landing page visits and even generate sales. Don’t sell products, but have something else to offer? Let your audience know when your new blog is live and direct them your website!

Brand Your Business With Personality:

Be personable, but not too personable. Share a “behind-the-scenes” photo or video of your day in the office or what it’s like to be a part of your business. The content you post on Instagram Stories doesn’t have to be perfect or polished, but you are still representing your brand. Sending a tactful, yet informal glimpse into your business can be relatable to your existing audience and can possibly help grow your following!

Short Testimonials Or Reviews:

Consumers don’t always want to hear what a business has to say. Sometimes they care about what other people have to say about a particular business! Consumers usually build trust off of another consumer’s experience with a business. Show your audience what they want to hear straight from the source. This can help build a relationship with future consumers!

Overall, Instagram Stories offers many features that could be beneficial to your business’ marketing strategy. Instagram is a social platform that can offer growth to your brand and audience, so why not use the tools that are available to you!? Will you be using Instagram Stories for your business?