Changes Are Coming to Facebook’s Mobile Ads

In just a few weeks Facebook is changing the text and aspect ratios for ads on its Mobile News Feed. The updates roll out on August 19, 2019, and aim to “match the look and feel of the new Facebook design introduced earlier this year.” This may seem like just another of the hundreds of updates Facebook rolls out annually, but these changes are important for online advertisers to understand and embrace.

There are a few key changes to the Mobile News Feed advertising format, including:

  • Fewer lines of primary text. Mobile News Feed will only display 3 lines of primary text before people are prompted to click to view additional text. Currently, 7 lines are shown.
  • New aspect ratio for media. Maximum height for videos and photos will be 4:5. Currently, the aspect ratio is 2:3.



FB Ad Mobile Change

Chances are if you are running a Facebook ad, it’s also being presented on mobile. For advertisers, this update means that ad text and media need to be updated. The first three lines of ad text now have to be even more snappy and inviting to get users to click for more information. Additionally, photos and videos need to be reformatted for a more consistent mobile experience and to optimize cross-promotional presentation.

It may seem like a pain to reformat dozens of ad groups but consider the massive and growing mobile audience. Some expect that up to 80% of internet usage was from mobile devices in 2018. Mobile advertising needs to be a priority because that is how users are accessing Facebook. According to TechJury, mobile cost-per-click (CPC) is 24% less than desktop and ads have a 40% higher click-through-rate (CTR). Additionally, more than half of all video views come from mobile devices.

Embrace the change, as more are sure to come!