Can you do it all?

I talk to a lot of camp directors who want to know if it’s possible to do it all. What they really mean is, can a camp successfully run a social media program without a consultant. I’ve written before about how many hours a month you can save by hiring a social media consultant and I estimated that a full-time social media focused person would spend about 55 hours a month to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

BUT, here is what I did not mention: A serious digital marketing and social media background is needed to put together a comprehensive measurement program. AND social media ad optimization takes a lot of work and is best done by someone who has experience running tens to hundreds of ads at a time. This MAY be someone at your camp, but my guess is, it isn’t. If it is, you can definitely do it all in house and run your entire social media program from your camp. If you don’t, a consultant should absolutely bring 100% of this experience to the table.

Can you do it all? Maybe. Should you do it all? Maybe not.