Advertising During The Summer for Summer Camps

During Summer Advertising for Summer Camps

Many camps stop advertising during the summer. I’ve written in detail before about why you shouldn’t do that, but if you camp decides to try out during summer advertising below is a great plan to follow:

  1. Promote your best content to friends of fans
    • With daily posting during the summer you should have a lot of new content coming out! Use this content and promote it to your friends of current fans in target zip codes. We want potential customers to see everything we are doing during the summer. Highlighting our best content allows us to really showcase our uniquenesses.
  2. Drive new leads for summer 2018
    • Most customers looking at overnight camps begin shopping the summer before. This means that during the summer is the best time to be advertising to potential leads. Use FB lead form ads or link ads (that drive to your best blog posts) to encourage potential families to enter your pipeline earlier.
  3. Encourage tours and rookie day attendance
    • If you offer tours or rookie days you should be advertising these a lot during the summer. Use FB and Instagram link ads to reach prospective families and encourage them to come see your camp in action.

Is your advertising plan ready for the summer?