Using forms to drive information requests

A lot of camps ask me where they should drive their social media ad traffic. This is a great questions and one that doesn’t exactly have a good answer. If you are running social ads you are likely trying to drive new leads and ultimately information requests. Getting a new lead to input their information means that you now have their name, email, phone number and some information on their child, which you did not have before. However if you want new leads from a social ad to fill out this information you need to make it simple for them! Here are a couple of places you can drive social traffic:

1. Your current request info page on your website: If you already have CampMinder or Bunk1 implemented on your website you can drive new leads straight this page. If you put a conversion tracking pixel on the thank you page, you will be able to see what leads came from social media. However, this requires some more effort from your lead as these forms tend to ask for a lot of information.

2. A custom form: Try using a service like Formstack or Wufoo to create a custom request information form. This allows you to know exactly which leads came from social media vs. regular leads that came through other channels. However, if you use a custom form you will have to input the leads into your database manually, which isn’t really ideal.

Both of these are great places to drive your social media ad traffic and gather new leads. Comment below if you are using either of these or have any other ideas for driving information requests.