Understanding Your Camp’s Brand Voice

One of the biggest questions I get asked by summer camps is “What is my Camp’s Brand Voice?” For each camp this means a different thing, but most often they are asking…

What should my camp sound like on social media? 

Should it sound like me, the director? Should it sound like our entire staff? Should it resonate with our alumni? Should it resonate with our parents and campers?

These are all great questions to ask to ask yourself when developing your camp’s voice. The most important thing to do is not confuse your own voice (the directors) with that of your camps. There are many more voices and ideas that go into your camp than just your particular voice.

I especially love this article from Social Media Explorer on developing your social media voice.

They recommend breaking your brand voice into character, tone, language and purpose. Of course your brand can be multi-faceted and encompass a lot of these different voices, but it is helpful to pick a general idea of what you want to sound like.

Now is a great time to walk through this exercise and find your camp’s voice!