Online Display Advertising For Summer Camps

Online Display advertising, also known as banner ads, was the first type of advertising on the Internet. Sometimes confused with “pop-up” ads, display ads often get a bad rap for being overly annoying or intrusive. Although online display ads are the oldest form of internet advertising, when targeted accurately and efficiently, they are still a great way to reach your target audience at scale.

There are many ways you can run online display ads, from self-service through Google to running through a display network, there are numerous ways to reach your desired audience. A few things to think about when running your own online display campaign:

1) Think about who you want to reach and where you want to reach them: Age, interests, demographics, targeting etc.

2) When creating banners remember to use a clear call to action and high-quality, colorful pictures. There are four standard sizes when creating banners, these standard sizes are called the Universal Ad Package named by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. To learn more about these advertising details and everything you need to know when creating display ads read the full specs here.

3) Engagement on display banners is typically very low: expect anywhere from a .03% – .45% CTR, and do not expect high engagement on display ads

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