Holiday Tips For Your Camp’s Social Media Strategy

Here at Social Summer Camp, we understand that seasonality is everything, especially when it comes to the purchase and sign up cycle for camp registrations. The holidays are a great time to turn leads into registrations, drive more brand awareness for your camps through home visits and marketing tactics and the holidays are one of the best times for brand engagement, since both parents and campers have multiple days off work and school.

Below are just a few ways we are ensuring that campers and parents are engaged and educated on your camp this holiday season:

1) Create A Sense Of Urgency:

The holidays are nearing and camp makes the perfect gift for any child! With many Early Bird and Cyber Monday deals coming to an end, this create a sense of urgency for parents to sign up now AND also gives the parents a great gift idea for their child, grandchild or child in need.

2) Remind Campers Of Warmer Days:

The holidays are a great time for campers to relax, recuperate and most of all, dream of the warmer summer days at camp! The cold weather is a great time to re-engage campers with pictures of camp, fun on the water and spending summer days by the camp fire. Asking campers what they miss most about camp or what their favorite summer activity was is a great way to re-spark their excitement about camp.

3) Stay Relevant:

Holiday posts are some of the highest engagement posts on social media and it’s key that each camp share a unique holiday post just for their camp families. Another way to stay relevant is to create blog posts about what each camp is doing during the winter break, and maintain the interest of campers, even when camp is not in session.

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This blog post was written by Social Summer Camp Contributor, Alyssa Allen