Three Re-Enrollment Strategies for Summer Camps Using Social Media

Re-enrollment is in full swing and after an incredible summer the registrations should be rolling in. But what if they aren’t?


There are three main reasons why re-enrollments may not be rolling in for your summer program:

  1. You haven’t communicated the benefits of enrolling now well enough to your families
  2. You are asking families who didn’t enroll until April of last year to enroll again, but in September
  3. You aren’t reminding families why they can’t miss next summer

These are all communication issues and there are three great strategies to communicate these messages about re-enrollment to your camp families.

Target Un-Enrolled Families with Facebook Ads: 

Using Facebook’s custom audiences you can upload an email list of un-enrolled families and target an ad toward them. This is a great way to communicate the benefits of enrolling now to your camp families in an organic way. Of course you should pair this strategy with email marketing, but you might only see a 40-50% open rate in email, you can guarantee a 90-100% open rate with people who see these ads in their feed.

Up Your Social Content Strategy: 

Now is the time to remind families why they CAN NOT miss next summer. Remember color war break from this summer? Next summer’s surprise will be even better. Remember the great conversations with your camp friends? They are all signed up, don’t miss out on the reunion. So many camps slow down their social media posting this time of year, but now is the best time to create great, unique social media content and share it on your pages using a regular posting cadence.

Create Ads and Content for Second Time Families:

The hardest camper to re-enroll is one who attended camp for the first time last summer, but didn’t enroll until April. Their parent is wondering “why would I need to enroll now?” Even if the child had a great time, the parent may not know if the child is for sure about going back next summer or what their family schedule will look like. Create specific social media content directed at these families. Share the benefits of a second summer at camp- what changes between the first and second summer? This is such an important audience and most camps just don’t focus enough here.

Using these three social media strategies will certainly jump start your re-enrollments for summer 2017.