5 Changes Facebook Made to Your Business Page

You may have noticed a few notable changes on your business page over the summer. Facebook rolled out a number of new features in July, causing the way business pages look, feel and function to be different. Here’s some highlights from those changes:

1. Cover Photos

If you designed your cover photo to accommodate for the square where your Facebook profile photo once lived, it’s probably time for an update. Your profile photo no longer sits on the bottom left portion of your cover. Now it lives left of the cover photo, giving you a full space to showcase your cover to your audience.

2. Call to Action Buttons

The second element no longer present on your cover photo is your Call-To-Action button, which sits more boldly just below the cover.

3. Navigation

Just below your profile photo on the left is your page’s navigation panel. Before, your navigation ran horizontally below your cover photo. This new change should make navigating your page easier, so be sure to have all of your page sections clean and updated!

4. Page Analytics

All of your page analytics are now located in the right sidebar of your page. For visitors, this section is populated by your “About” tab.

5. Newsfeed Changes

Although this change doesn’t directly affect the way your page feels, it does impact the posts your audience sees. Facebook’s new algorithm prioritizes “personal” posts over articles, videos and links. The company believes that the news feed is too crowded with impersonal media, so to counter that the algorithm will show more native statuses and photos. You’ll want to make sure that you’re adding personalized statuses and photos to your page to break up blog posts and links from your website.

Keep these new changes in mind as you dive into your fall outreach and marketing efforts!

This post was written by Social Summer Camp intern, Francesca Neely-Dickey.