Running Ads During the Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and I get asked a lot if camps should continue to run Google and Facebook ads during the summer. I definitely understand this question and realize that it can add up to some pretty significant budget savings if you can pause your ads during the summer. BUT, you really shouldn’t. Why you ask?

1. Summer is when you have the best content! You have to take advantage of marketing yourself at a time when you have the most engaging and interesting content available. Begin to plant the seeds for next year now.

2. Ad account history and quality score- Anytime you create ads your ad history and quality is taken into account. If you pause your ads for a significant amount of time you will miss out on a lot of these efforts. Don’t let your ad account history go to waste by pausing your ads.

3. Marketing is always a year round effort, even if you are a seasonal business. This is especially true for camps! When you have a business that has a long consideration cycle or a high-price point product, such as camps, it’s really important to market year round.

Will you be pausing your ads this summer? Will you be running them?