Retargeting on Facebook for Summer Camps


The summer is the perfect time to test out retargeting on Facebook.

What is retargeting on Facebook?

Facebook retargeting allows you to reach people on Facebook after they have visit your website. This allows you to re-engage customers who have already shown interest when visiting your site.

How to start retargeting? 

You can install the Facebook pixel on your site that captures all your website traffic, or just certain pages. Then you can run ads to reach those website visitors on Facebook.

Where to start? 

I recommend starting by targeting people who have visited the tour section of your website. Retarget them and drive them to more information on touring, a great video or a blog post you have written. You can also exclude current families and current tourers, by uploading a custom audience of email addresses to your account.
You want to be sure to watch the frequency on your Facebook ads so you aren’t annoying people by showing your ad too many times. You can also schedule your ad to only show on different days to give your audience a little space.
Has your camp tried retargeting yet?